Notorious prankster Jarvo disrupts Euro 2024 draws with explicit sounds

Prankster Jarvo, known for his penchant for causing disturbances at major global sports events, once again created chaos, this time disrupting the Euro 2024 draw with his signature 'sex noise' prank.

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The Euro 2024 draw experienced an unexpected disruption when a prankster played explicit sounds resembling pornography during the live event. The disruptive noises, characterized by loud moans, occurred intermittently throughout the draw, creating an awkward atmosphere at the Elbphilharmonie concert hall in Hamburg.

The incident unfolded particularly during the announcement of the final team, Switzerland, being drawn into Group A alongside Germany, Scotland, and Hungary. Initially acknowledged by draw host and Uefa deputy general secretary Giorgio Marchetti, the sounds appeared to stop temporarily. Marchetti remarked, "There is some noise here... that has now stopped," only for the explicit sounds to resume when Italy was drawn into Group B with Spain, Albania, and Croatia.

When questioned about the disruption, England manager Gareth Southgate admitted hearing something unusual but was uncertain about the nature of the disturbance. Meanwhile, 'Jarvo69,' a social media personality identified as Daniel Jarvis, claimed responsibility for the prank during a live stream.

Jarvis had previously orchestrated a similar prank during the BBC's live pre-match coverage of the FA Cup third-round replay between Wolves and Liverpool in January. This earlier incident caused both shock and amusement among the presenters, including Gary Lineker, Danny Murphy, and Paul Ince, who were taken aback with the unexpected distruption of explicit sounds into the studio

During the Wolves vs. Liverpool broadcast, Lineker humorously addressed the disruption, jokingly accusing Murphy of making the noises, to which Murphy denied. The explicit recording persisted for several minutes, with BBC staff struggling to locate and stop the source of the sounds. Jarvis had previously orchestrated a similar prank during the India vs Australia ODI World Cup match in Chennai where he was confronted by the Indian players

The Euro 2024 draw prank followed a similar pattern, occurring during the live broadcast on the BBC. As of now, no official statement has been released by the event organizers addressing the incident.

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