Investigation opens up on Cristiano Ronaldo for hurling obscene gestures towards fans during Saudi Premier League

Cristiano Ronaldo crosses line during Al-Nassr's 3-2 win over Al-Shabab during Saudi Premier League as he hurls obscene gesture towards fans for Messi's name during the game. Investigations opens up on Ronaldo for the gesture.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo's obscene gesture towards fans Source: 'Twitter'

Competitive sports are all about fierce competition between teams which makes for a spectacle for the fans. All the competitive football leagues around the world are known for the world-class players they consist of and their massive fan bases which adds a layer of excitement in such leagues.

But there is always a line between the fans and the players which needs to be respected for both sides. However, one such incident in the Saudi Premier League involving Cristiano Ronaldo might have crossed the line which has given invitation to an investigation against Ronaldo who was at the centre of the controversy.

Cristiano Ronaldo played a significant role in Al-Nassr’s 3-2 win against Al-Shabab in the recently concluded game at the Saudi Premier League but an incident occurred during the game which left a sour taste among fans.  

During the match, Al-Shabab fans were seen chanting Lionel Messi’s name from the stands to put off Ronaldo during the game. Enraged by it, Cristiano Ronaldo lost his cool and pumped his fist towards the fans in an obscene manner. Take a look at the video here:

Ronaldo in hot waters for his gesture

Although neither Ronaldo nor the club was charged for the act an investigation has opened up on the matter. A sporting arena can be an intimidating place and you can also lose your nerves during the heat of a match but still, there needs to be a line that needs to be drawn when you are a player of such repute and is participating in a major league.

Waleed Al Farraj who is a prominent Saudi writer and television host took to X (formerly Twitter) to express his views on the incident. He tweeted, “The disciplinary committee is facing the biggest test. We will wait and see. Everything has its limits, no matter how famous you are. This is how the major leagues are.”

Cristiano Ronaldo kicked off the scoring for his team with a penalty in the 21st minute of the match. Al-Shabab fought back strongly, but ultimately, Talisca scored twice to lead Al-Nassr to a 3-2 victory.


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