Footballer in Indonesia dies in middle of match after lightning struck him, video surfaces

In a tragic incident, a 34-year-old footballer from the Subang region in Indonesia died after lightning struck him while playing a friendly match for FC Subang vs FLO FC Bandung at the Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung in West Jawa.

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Footballer dies in Indonesia Source: 'Google'

Sports is a medium used to bring joy and happiness in the lives of people but a horrific incident took place on the sporting field in Indonesia that shook the spectators as well as fans all over the world. The incident unfolded when a 34-year-old man from the Subang region in Indonesia who was taking part in a friendly football match was struck by lightning during the match resulting in his demise.

The victim was taking part in a friendly match between 2 FLO FC Bandung and FC Subang at the Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung in West Jawa when it all happened. According to reports by local news network PRFM news, even after getting struck with lightning, the man was still breathing but eventually died when taken to the hospital.

People worldwide reacted to the horrific tragedy

The video of the incident also went viral which raised chills down the spine of the people who saw the horrific incident on the video. However, many fans even took to social media to express their condolences on the incident and also shared their similar horrific experiences.

Such horrific incidents also make you realize the fragility of life and also give you important learnings to be better prepared for such situations in the future. One user commented that the weather is an important element of the playing conditions and should be inspected more thoroughly before a match.

He wrote on X: “That's awful and condolences.

In my referee days, I always kept an eye on the weather, it's in the FIFA manual I believe. For exactly this reason. Don't know if that was possible here or if there was a ref. This video will make its way to FIFA and ref associations everywhere.

This has not been one such incident where someone got struck by lightning while playing football. There have been other incidents as well where players were struck with lighting while playing football in different parts of the world. During a youth football match in Indonesia, a young player tragically got struck by lightning. 

Despite suffering a scary moment of cardiac arrest, the quick actions of those around him and medical assistance at the Ibnu Sina Hospital saved his life. He bravely fought back and regained consciousness after about 20 minutes. While some were revived from the incident, some of them succumbed to the injuries and shock of the lightning.

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