Court ruling paves way for European Super League, comprising 3 leagues and 64 teams

A recent legal decision has greenlit the execution of the European Super League. A detailed plan has been crafted, outlining a tournament comprising three leagues and a total of 64 teams.

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Game Changer or a Gimmick

Game Changer or a Gimmick?

The court ruling has paved the way for the European Super League to take place and the blueprint for the same has surfaced. This has created a stir in European football. The purpose of the tournament is to prepare a ground for a competitive and dynamic environment for football across Europe.


Structure of the League

The plan for the European Super League has been put on paper. The tournament will cover 64 teams from all across Europe and to make it more equitable. The tournament will be divided into three tiers: Star League, Gold League, and Blue League. Both the Star and Gold League will comprise 16 teams each whereas, the Blue League will consist 32 teams. 

The league will consist of no permanent members and participation in it, and will be done solely on merit. To reward meritocracy there will be annual promotions and relegations between teams in all the leagues. However, the promotion to the Blue League will be done based on domestic performances.

Teams will participate in both home and away fixtures arranged in groups of eight, guaranteeing a minimum of 14 matches annually. A knockout stage after the season will identify champions in each league, along with clubs eligible for promotion. 

The proposal ensures that there will be no extension of match calendar days beyond current competitions, and mid-week matches will not interfere with domestic league schedules. In the first year, club selection will be based on transparent performance criteria. Additionally, the tournament will feature a women's competition comprising two leagues, each consisting of 16 clubs."


Vision of the League

A22- the company that is working behind the execution of the league carried out a statement about the vision and aim of the league. They said, “This vision is based on extensive consultation with a wide range of football stakeholders across Europe and built on our core principles including participation based on sporting merit (and) no permanent members.

They further said, "Participating clubs stay in their domestic leagues which remain the foundation of European football. Now that clubs can determine their future at European level, we look forward to further engagement with a broad set of football stakeholders to achieve the objective of all great sporting competitions."

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