Karmine Corp on heaving loss streak at LEC Winter Split

Karmine Corp suffers another major defeat and now standing at seven losses and zero wins at the LEC Winter Split, qualifying for the play-offs looking out of reach

Sarah Andrew
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One of the fan favourites, Karmine Corp, is running on a huge loss streak at LEC Winter. The team have lost all seven of their matches and is currently last on the scoreboard. The team’s debut in the international league is slipping right through their hands.

The teams had amassed a lot of fans due to their performance in the LFL and EMEA Masters last year. With many fans, came a huge responsibility to perform. The viewership between their first Match against Fnatic also broke previous records.

The coach believes in the team's potential

After the first loss for the team, the head coach said that the team needed players to “digest the moment”. He believed that the team could make a comeback in the upcoming games.

However, the team did not manage to secure even a single match. All matches for Karmine Corp till now have resulted in a loss. Their last match against Rogue also resulted in a loss despite having a good lead.

The team failed to build on their lead against Rouge. Multiple mistakes one after others led Rogue to have an upper hand during the game. Playing off positions led to even more of a disadvantage for Karmine Corp.

Only two matches left

The upcoming matches for Karmine Corp are against SK Gaming and Team BDS. Both teams are in their top form, holding the first and second spots. The chances of winning from Karmine Corp are very thin after a 0-7 loss streak.

The top eight teams from LEC Winter 2024 will move to the LEC Play-offs. The teams there will play in a Double double-elimination bracket. Losing teams will move to the lower bracket, where they cannot afford to lose another game.

The winner of the LEC Play-offs will qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational 2024. Additionally, they will also secure a spot at LEC Finals 2024.

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