'I'm confident we will be on top of it' - Medical advisor Dr Peter Harcourt comments amid Covid concerns over Commonwealth Games 2022

Medical Advisor, Dr Peter Harcourt has assured of a successful Commonwealth Games 2022 amid concerns regarding rising Covid cases

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Commonwealth Games 2022 (Image Source: Twitter)

Dr Peter Harcourt, the medical advisor, assured of a successful Commonwealth Games 2022 amid rising covid cases. He said that about 1200-1400 players are getting tested and only a dozen are returning positive. While attending a press conference, Harcourt said that the organization has put its best foot forward.

“About a dozen a day are returning positive but 1200-1400 athletes go through COVID-19 testing process every day. So it gives you an idea, it's not a huge number,” Harcourt said.

Dr Harcourt explained the process that is put behind the scenes. He said that there is an RT-PCR test on arrival and for every individual. Harcourt added that if the test returns positive, the vaccination history of the individual would be tested.

“Things that we have got in place is there's an RT-PCR test for individual travel to Birmingham and then there is an RT-PCR test on arrival. If there's a history of COVID, then the vaccination status of COVID would be scanned so that we can make a good clear understanding of individuals should they have a positive test,” Dr Harcourt added.

Harcourt said that he had prior experience of handling the situation and can do it once again. He said that it was not an emergency and the event will go ahead without much issues. “About a lot of these things, we have got a fair degree of having dealt with it. I'm confident we will be on top of it and we will have successful Games and mini-issues," Harcourt said.

Commonwealth Games 2022 will be held in Birmingham. There are almost 250 plus events spread across 20 sports. The event will take place from July 28 to August 8. All the 72 Commonwealth Nations are participating in the multi-sport event. Sports such as Boxing, Athletics, Weightlifting, Cycling, Hockey, Badminton, Gymnastics, Judo etc., will be part of the event.

The expectations are very high given that the event is just a day away from its grand beginning. The athletes and players are all set for a grand finish.

Commonwealth Games 2022