'We don't have a proper T20 tournament'- Bangladesh Head Coach criticizes BPL tournament

Bangladesh head coach criticizes Bangladesh Premier League during an interview. Compares the franchise league to a circus and wants the Council to step into the matter.

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Bangladesh Head Coach

We all know that the teams India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan have been one of the top teams in international cricket. In fact, these three sides have won a both the T20 and ODI World Cup’s in their time. The T20 format has also grown in these nations, with the PSL, IPL being one of the top leagues in Asia. However, there is one team, who has not gained that much success in T20I cricket. The team we were talking about is Bangladesh.

The Tigers have been known to be dark horses in the 2000’s. The 2007 and 2015 World Cup are some of the major examples. The team though has not been verry successful in international cricket, especially T20’s even with the talent they possess. Bangladesh are currently 9th in the T20I rankings right now. Even though they have got their own franchise league known as the Bangladesh Premier League(BPL), it has still been a sad story for the side.

Head coach talks on the problems

Bangladesh head coach Chandika Hathurusinghe has criticized the league as well saying “ "We don't have a proper T20 tournament. This sounds very odd. When I am watching the BPL, I sometimes turn off the TV.” These are the words were said during the interview on ESPNcricinfo. There were many more points added where Hathurusinghe thought that the players were not of the required class. He also referred to the league as a circus where players have to play multiple tournaments in between seasons.

The 55-year-old also gave his suggestion regarding how to improve the standards of the team in T20 cricket as well stating “ "We need to have a tournament where our players can do things like batting in the top three Bangladesh bowlers bowling in the death.” Along with that he also wished for theApex Council to look into this matter as well. These seem like very bold words from the coach regarding this topic and maybe has a great point towards this matter.

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