WATCH: Sachin Tendulkar playing street cricket in Kashmir

Sachin Tendulkar was caught playing cricket on the streets of Kashmir with the locals. The Master blaster has not yet forgotten his game and still sticking to his roots.

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Sachin Tendulkar ( Source-X)

There are legends in Indian cricket right now who have given some great performances for India.  The likes of Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma are some of the current ones right now. There is no doubt that most of these cricketers are considered legends of the modern game. The centuries of Kohli and the double centuries of Rohit will go down in history as some of the best innings for an Indian batter.

Apart from these two, there is another legend of Indian cricket that is still relevant to this day. The God of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar has broken all the big records in the game. 34000 international runs and 100 centuries are only some of the biggest achievements in his 24-year career. The man was one of the top stars of Indian cricket known for his textbook drives and big innings. There haven’t been a lot of batters who have even come close to breaking his records in the game as well.

Tendulkar playing in the streets

A video of the master blaster went viral as well, where Tendulkar was seen playing street or gully cricket with the local people of Kashmir. The former legend was seen displaying those same drives and shots he was known for. Tendulkar doesn’t seem to have forgotten his footwork and shot selection even after being retired for more than 10 years. It seems like the legend is still sticking to his roots as the boy from Dadar, who used to break windows in his colonies.

Watch the video below-

This video gives us a glimpse that no matter how big a guy like Sachin Tendulkar gets, he will still enjoy the small moments of his career. Sachin not only had the talent of being one of the best batters in the world but also a well-respected sportsman. There are not a lot of cricketers who come close to matching the class and personality of the little master. He is still winning hearts wherever he goes.

Sachin Tendulkar Indian Cricket Team