WATCH: Ishant Sharma's viral video of celebrating valentines day with parents

Ishant Sharma's old video of celebrating valentines day with your parents go viral. An old video with a decent message which hopefully the fans will respond positively to.

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Ishant Sharma ( Source- X)

The valentines day has started and this is the day where everyone is spreading their love across the world. Even the cricketers are sharing some great moments with their significant others as well. The likes of Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma are giving their wives their time. This is the season of some of the most cute and beautiful moments in the sporting world that is getting viral all around. The romantic side of these otherwise competitive athletes is something we have to appreciate in the recent times. The season of love is still spreading and there is no stopping it.

Through this day normally there are couples who are spending time with each other and giving gifts to one another. Even former India pacer Ishant Sharma has been celebrating with his family. Ishant is one of the top 5 wicket takers for India in Test cricket playing 105 games and taking 311 wickets. The big and tall fast bowler made an amazing come back in the longest format from 2014 to 2021. There are some amazing spells bowled by the tall lanky pacer in his playing days before he retired from international cricket in 2021.

Ishant Sharma’s old video goes viral

There is an old video that has been resurfaced on social media of the former pacer. This video is where Ishant has given his opinion on how to celebrate the day saying “ 14 February aap sab log Valentine’s Day manate hai apne friends ke sath. Agar aap Valentine’s Day apne mata pita ke sath managyenge to unhe acha lagega. “ This translates to Ishant saying that if this day is celebrated with your parents, they will feel good as well, which might be a great notion by the former India pacer on what the day means.

Watch video below-


Ishant also mentioned that our parents are somebody who love us no matter what saying “ Humare mata pita do aise insana hote hai ki aap kitna bhi kharab ya acha kare wo aapse usi prem aur prabhav se milenge.”( Our parents are two people who no matter if you do something bad or good,  they will always love you unconditionally). All we can say is this might be a really old video, but the message is still good. Ishant has said this to spread the love of parents and their children. We hope that people take a positive response to this great message by the cricketer.

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