WATCH: ‘How will our fans feel’- MS Dhoni’s sensible reply to fan asking him to support RCB

During a recent occasion, when a devoted fan urged MS Dhoni to lend his support to RCB for a championship win, he playfully responded that his allegiance lies with his team and fans, emphasizing that he has plenty to address within his own team.

Sarah Andrew
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MS Dhoni-led CSK has been a force to reckon with in the IPL. In the history of the IPL since 2008, CSK have qualified for the playoffs 12 times out of which they have won the title 5 times which is why they are one of the most successful IPL franchises along with Mumbai Indians who have also won the IPL five times.

Apart from the champion DNA another thing that you associate with CSK is loyalty as the main pillar of the CSK has been MS Dhoni since the inaugural season and to date he has been associated with the franchise which is one of the reasons that CSK enjoys such a massive fanbase. 

Apart from CSK another team that has a massive fanbase is RCB and they also share a common trait with CSK which is loyalty. India’s premier batter and RCB’s backbone Virat Kohli has been there with the franchise since the first edition of the IPL and has contributed immensely to the RCB.

But the one thing that differentiated both these popular franchises is their tryst with trophies. On one hand, where CSK has won 5 IPL titles, RCB hasn’t managed to get their hands on even one. Thereby at an event a die-hard RCB fan couldn’t stop himself from asking MS Dhoni to come and support RCB to help them win at least one trophy.

MS Dhoni answered sensibly to an innocent wish from a fan and said that every team in the IPL is as strong as the other, it’s just some teams miss the crucial moments of the game, or sometimes the right players are not available at the right moment which plays a decisive role in winning the coveted IPL trophy.

'They are a good team but'- MS Dhoni assesses RCB's performance

MS Dhoni said, "You know. They (RCB) are a very good team. Also, what you need to see is in cricket everything doesn't go according to plan. If you talking about the IPL. All the 10 teams in the IPL, if they have full players, all of them are very strong. The problem arises if you are missing a few players because of injury. So, they are a very good team and everyone has a fair chance in IPL.

Dhoni also emphasized that at this moment his team and fans are his priority and he still has a lot to figure out before the IPL starts. He said, “As of now, I have so many things to worry about in my team. I would like to wish every team all the very best, but more than that, I can't do much as of now. Imagine me coming out of the way to support or help some other team. How will our fans feel?"

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