WATCH: Big Bash League introduces new Electra stumps that changes lights at different events

BBL introduces new Electra stumps for the league. Stumps will be colorful this season. New innovation might lead to competing with other top franchise leagues in the world.

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New Electra Stumps (Source - Twitter).png

New Electra Stumps (Source - Twitter)

The Big Bash League(BBL) and the Indian Premier League(IPL) are two of the biggest T20 franchise leagues that have given the fans a lot of good memories. Even though the IPL has been and still leading the charts in viewers, the BBL is not far behind with their own dramatic matches and money making schemes. There have also been a lot of talented players who have made it in international cricket as well. They are still competing with the IPL with their own set of innovations into the T20 game as well. It is safe to say that the IPL may have to watch their backs with the growing attention of the BBL. 

The BBL might still be far away from the IPL in terms of viewers, with the growing crowd in India which has led to the IPL having a massive fanbase. However BBL has also been a T20 franchise league which has had a solid fanbase as well. There have been certain innovations in the BBL such as the power surge where the batters have the chance to accelerate with 2 fielders allowed outside the circle. The IPL has also come up with the impact player rule as well, but there is another innovative change BBL have brought to the game that is quite colourful.

Introduction of Electra stumps

As we have already been introduced to the flashing red lights in T20 cricket after the batter is dismissed, the BBL have taken that to another level where the stumps will be involved in every situation apart from a wicket. The Electra stumps like the original will flash red and then fire after the dismissal. Along with that it will also play a part when the batters strike the ball all around the park. If its a four then there will be a colour shift, whereas when the ball clears the boundary all colours will scroll up. The stumps will also have another purpose where if a no ball is bowled colours red and white will scroll up and purple and blue will scroll up between overs.

Watch video below-

This might be the first time in cricket where the stumps will have much more purpose in the game. This might be something new and unique that could attract a lot of audience in the game. You might say that this is just to get more people in the stadiums, but the whole purpose of a franchise league is to get packed stadiums and this is one of the ways to attract them and compete with other popular leagues.

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