WATCH: Ben Stokes dismisses Shreyas Iyer with a superb catch in Day 3 of second Test between India and England

Just as India thought to have recovered control of the innings, Ben Stokes came out of nowhere to dismissed Shreyas Iyer with a stunning catch.

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Ben Stokes

Just as India thought to have recovered control of the innings, Ben Stokes came out of nowhere to dismiss Shreyas Iyer with a stunning catch.

Shreyas Iyer stepped out ahead onto Hartley's fuller delivery to sky one high, sending skipper Ben Stokes on a run.

When it appeared impossible, Stokes, who was coming in nearly blindly, sprinted back around 25 yards from mid-off at the speed of an Olympic sprinter and then made a sensational grab at the end, prompting a raucous celebration from England's captain.

On the Day 3 of the second Test match against England India got a good start. But James Anderson's heroics dismissed both of the threatening openers Rohit Shamra and Yashasvi Jaiswal in one rapid move at the start of Day 3, swinging the momentum in favour of the England team and starting the day off well for his team.

England gained the upper hand over India

Anderson removed Rohit Sharma and double-centurion Yashasvi Jaiswal in the first two overs of his third-day stint, altering the balance of the match somewhat to England's advantage.

Bolster the innings they did, as the two combined for 81 runs, with both bats going on Hartley and Rehan Ahmed to begin the runs rolling.

However, skipper Ben Stokes had other intentions, and the strong partnership has now been destroyed as India attempts to recover yet again.

Coming off major knee surgery, the England captain did well to make it into position in time and not lose sight of the ball to execute the catch.

Ben Stokes's athletic talent is widely established, and his fielding abilities aided England significantly in the fourth innings of the series opener in Hyderabad. A stunning bit of fielding saw the guy deliver a direct hit with an unorthodox throw after stopping the ball with a well-timed dive, dismissing Ravindra Jadeja at a critical point in the game.

The hosts are at 130-4 after 35 overs, with a 273-run advantage.

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