‘Truth has been spoken’- Fans react as Yuvraj Singh opens up on his off-field relationship with MS Dhoni

Speaking the Truth': Fans Respond to Yuvraj Singh's Revelation About His Off-Field Relationship with MS Dhoni, Acknowledging that they are not friends outside of the game.

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Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni are known for their iconic partnerships in the middle order in limited-overs cricket for India. The left and right combination of Mahi and Yuvi is etched in the fondest memories of Indian cricket fans.

But in a recent podcast, Yuvraj Singh revealed he and MS Dhoni are not friends off the field, and their camaraderie is limited to the field only, and they aren’t that close off the field which has caught many people by surprise. He said that both he and MS Dhoni have different personalities and ways of living and it is not important that you should share the same relationship off-the-field that you share on the field.

Yuvraj in the podcast said, “Me and Mahi are not close friends. We were friends because of cricket, we played together. Mahi’s lifestyle was very different from mine, so we were never close friends, we were only friends because of cricket. When me and Mahi went on the ground, we gave more than 100% to our country,” Yuvraj, who was the player-of-the-tournament when India won the 2011 World Cup.” 

He also said, “Your teammates don’t have to be your best friends outside the field. Everybody has a different lifestyle, and skill set. Certain people hang out with certain people, you don’t have to be best friends with everyone to go on the field. If you take any team, all eleven don’t get along. Some do, some don’t. When you are in the park, put your ego behind you and contribute on the field,”.

‘I asked him for advice’- Yuvraj on Dhoni

Yuvraj remembered a time when things weren’t going well for him and he wasn’t going anywhere in respect to his career and how he went for advice from MS Dhoni who cleared the picture for him and helped him take further decisions regarding his career.

He said, “When I was at the end of my career when I wasn’t getting the right picture about my career, I asked him for advice. He was the guy who told me that the selection committee is not looking at you right now. I was like, at least I got to know the real picture. This is just before the 2019 World Cup. That is the reality,”.

However, he concluded by saying that he still shares a good bond with MS whenever they meet and greet and talk to each other like old friends only.

“He (Dhoni) is retired, I am retired. When we meet, we meet like friends only not like ‘I don’t want to get to know you’. We shot an ad together too, and had fun talking about our past days.”

However, the fans of Indian cricket weren’t quite amused by the revelations made by Yuvraj Singh and had mixed reactions to it. Here are some of the tweets by fans:




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