Top 5 Indian batters who can get the highest Bid in IPL Auction 2024

Indian Premier League(IPL) auction 2024 just 3 days away. Huge demand for Indian batters who will go under the hammer. Which Indian batters can cause the biggest bidding war among franchises.

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Indian batters who can get the highest Bid in IPL Auction 2024

The Indian Premier League(IPL) 2024 Auction will be underway in just 3 days and all the franchises will be ready with their plans to build a team worthy of winning the title. There are a lot of talented players who will go under the hammer and make their way into the side. There have already been a lot of interesting scenarios before the auction regarding trading and big changes. The wait for which team will bag the most stars is not far away and this will be an eye-catching event.

We all know that T20 is a batter's game and it is important for these batters to put runs on the board when the team requires. A team needs to have a solid batting lineup going into the tournament, that can score runs consistently and win games for their team. There have been a lot of talented batters in the IPL that have impressed everyone and are still performing at their best. That is why most of the expensive players in IPL are either batters or allrounders who can win you games

The batting will play a big role in the tournament especially the Indian batters who know the conditions better than the overseas batters and have more probability of scoring big runs. That is the reason why Indian batters' performances are important going into the league. The franchises spend big money on the Indian batters who will play more games due restriction of only four overseas players in the playing XI. 

Let's take a look at some of the Indian batters who can get the highest bid:

5. Shahrukh Khan


This swashbuckling batter can easily fit into the T20 setup with his ability to play the big shots at will. This batter from Tamil Nadu has already impressed everyone with his big hitting in the IPL and will be open to any team in the auction. His performances in the domestic circuit have been great as well. He can add some depth to the batting lineup and can also finish games with his big hits. With teams who will be looking for a hard-hitting batter, he can be one of the best options. The future of this cricketer looks bright in the T20 setup.

4. Karun Nair


He might not be in the India set-up anymore but he still has shown enough of his talent in the IPL as well. His elegant strokes and technique can still be handy in T20s as well. He also has some experience playing 76 IPL games and has also scored close to 1500 runs in the tournament.his first class and list A career speak for themselves where he has given great performances and been a great addition to any team he is playing in. The only question is his strike rate, but he still has enough potential to score some big runs which he has done in the past.

3. Sarfaraz Khan


This young batter from Mumbai came as a young prospect making his debut at the age of 17. When all of a sudden we thought he was out of the spotlight he still showed up on the domestic scene with tremendous performances. He has also had some great performances in the IPL before and will look to bring his A game. He is a talented batter who can hit the big shots and also score runs consistently. He will be a major asset to any side once he rises to his full potential in the IPL as well and gives great performances.

2. Mayank Agarwal


He might have lost his position in the Test side but we can’t ignore the potential and ability this 32-year-old cricketer has and he will be looking forward to the upcoming season. The technique and skill speak for themselves as a lot of teams will look for a batter like him who can play the big innings when required. His experience is also a big plus for any side as he understands to take responsibility as well. It will be a treat to watch if Mayank lives up to his potential as the talented batter he is known to be.

1 . Manish Pandey


If there is one player who has played the long haul game in the IPL it is Manish Pandey. Pandey has played for close to 6 teams in the IPL and has played some exceptional innings in the IPL. He also goes down in history as the first Indian batter who has scored a century in IPL and has also won the title with Kolkata Knight Riders back in 2014. He can still be a handy middle-order batter who can steady the innings and play the big innings as well. With 170 IPL matches to his name and over 3500 runs, there is no question he could be one of the highest bids in the auction.


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