Top 5 Cricketers Who have taken retirement from international cricket in 2023

Let's take a look at the five cricketers who have retired in 2023 from international cricket. Their contributions will be remembered for generations to come.

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Stuart Broad and Meg Lanning (Source - Twitter)

The game of Cricket has been around for centuries and is one of the most popular sports in the world. The game has touched a lot of hearts during its run and is perhaps one of the sports close to immortality. There have been a lot of iconic games and moments in Cricket that we will not be forgotten about and are still cherishing to this day. What we also look to celebrate are the players as well, who have also made a huge impact in the game, with their great performances and achievements. These players are no doubt one of the pioneers of the games who are still remembered after the end of their career as players. The fact that these people have made such an impact on a global sport is enough to celebrate these sporting icons.

The idea of these players retiring still comes as a shock to everyone in the cricketing world since nobody could actually imagine at that moment that there would be a time when they might not see him on the field. There are also some players who people think have left the game earlier than they expected, which also makes it a really emotional moment for everyone. Retirement is a tough step to take for any player as they have given their heart and soul to the game and don’t wish to say goodbye to it. This is however still a part of life for the player who only takes this step if he has given the game as much as he can.

The 2023 has also seen some big players retire from the game, who have made great contributions to the game. These players have been a great addition to the sport due to their iconic and impactful performances. There is no doubt that these players will be missed by their fans and their nation, where they will not see the player representing the country in the future due to their retirement. We hope that these players will have a good life after saying goodbye to the game they have cherished and loved for a long time. 

So here are five cricketers who have retired from international cricket in 2023:

5. Alex Hales


The career of Alex Hales has been weird since he at first glance looked like a player who would play longer in International cricket considering his great numbers in T20 where he has got over 10000 runs and some of his iconic international innings as well. His performances in international cricket were decent as well with over 5000 runs with an average of 30 in white-ball formats.

He was also a part of England’s T20 World Cup triumph as well as being one of their highest run scorers. We might have wanted to see Hales playing more considering how talented and dangerous he could be, but unfortunately chose to retire at the age of 34 and will only be seen in T20 leagues and domestic games.

4. Meg Lanning


Women’s cricket is also growing rapidly to this day and there has been a rise in the fan base as well. The following female cricketers have grown massively with some great icons and many talented players. One of the greatest icons in the game was former Australia Women’s skipper Meg Lanning.  With over 7 World Cups to her name along with over 8000 runs to her name, it has been a decorated career for her.

There is no doubt that she will still be remembered for her great innings as an opener and one of the best leaders in the game. With all she has done for her country, she will be missed after taking her retirement at the age of 31 by the fans and her teammates.

3. Sunil Narine


The West Indies might have had a lot of legends in the past and might be struggling to find their feet in International cricket right now, but we cannot ignore the fact that there have been some players that have still been iconic players in the Caribbean who have still made a huge impact. One of these players is the West Indies deceiving mystery spinner Sunil Narine. Narine was already a force to reckon in T20’s where he is the 3rd highest wicket-taker with over 500 wickets.

His career in International cricket was not as long, but was still incredible with 165 wickets from 122 international matches. He was also the highest wicket-taker for the West Indies in the 2012 T20 World Cup where they were also crowned champions. Overall Narine will go down as one of the most iconic cricketers for the West Indies even after retiring at the age of 35 and be remembered for his deceiving carrom balls and wrong uns.

2. Quinton De Kock


The decision for Quinton De Kock to retire from international cricket came as a shock to every one, since the flamboyant southpaw opener and wicketkeeper looked like having a longer career with his consistency of scoring runs and agility behind the wickets. De Kock was having a phenomenal career before he announced his retirement after the 2023 World Cup. With over 12000 international runs with incredible averages and his fantastic work behind the stumps, nobody saw the 31-year-old take this step. The South African team might have a replacement for him as a wicketkeeper, but finding an opener like him who can take the game away will be really tough.

1. Stuart Broad


If there is one bowler who has been through the triumphs and the struggles of the England team it is Stuart Broad. The tall lanky pacer has given some great performances, especially in Test cricket where he has taken over 600 wickets being one of the top 10 highest wicket-takers in the format. Broad has taken over 800 international wickets with his ability to move the ball both ways and hit a consistent length. There is no doubt Broad will go down as one of the best fast bowlers England has ever produced and will be remembered for a long time. Broad's 15-year legacy is one of the greatest stories in cricket history which will be archived for generations.

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