Sunil Gavaskar hits back at foreign cricket boards and ex-players for unnecessary criticism on Indian Cricket Board

Sunil Gavaskar responded to foreign boards and their former cricketers, criticizing them for unwarranted comments on Indian players and the board. He highlighted the role of the Indian board and playfully referred to the critics as "crybabies."

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Sunil Gavaskar (Source - Twitter)

Sunil Gavaskar, a legendary Indian cricketer, erupted during the commentary of the second India vs. South Africa Test, taking aim at critics of the Indian team and cricket board. This fiery outburst came after India suffered a heavy defeat in the first Test and were facing South Africa again in the final match of the series. Joining commentators Irfan Pathan and Jatin Sapru, Gavaskar didn't hold back.

Instead of solely focusing on the game, he turned his attention to the cricket boards of South Africa, England, and Australia, lambasting them for their supposed criticism of India. He passionately defended the Board, arguing that it was indeed this board that had often supported and even bailed out these very critics in the past. Gavaskar's words struck a chord with many Indian fans, who felt their team and board were being unfairly targeted.

Gavaskar’s crybaby comment on Foreign cricketers and boards

During his Hindi commentary stint on Star Sports, Sunil Gavaskar said, “He doesn’t understand the unfair criticisms by the Australia, South Africa and England cricket boards and the former players of these countries.

These people should understand that it is because of the Indian players and Board that they are able to function and if they refuse to travel to their countries then they won’t be able to sell their rights even for 5 rupees (although he promptly acknowledges that he exaggerated it by the 5 rupees remark).”

"I mean, apart from the current players, the ex-cricketers from these nations and their media have frequently criticized the Indian Board and Indian cricketers," he concluded, playfully referring to them as "crybabies," eliciting laughter from Pathan and Sapru.

In essence, Gavaskar's criticism wasn't just about the on-field performance, but about perceived bias and disrespect towards Indian cricket. He believed the Indian Cricket Board deserved praise for its contribution to the sport, not censure. His fiery defense sparked both debate and support, adding another layer of drama to the already intense Test match.

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