Rohit Sharma’s Super Over batting spurs controversy

Rohit Sharma walked out of the pitch before the end of the first super over of the 3rd T20I against Afghanistan. This decision spurred several controversies on whether he was 'retired hurt' or 'retired out'.

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Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma (Source: Twitter)

The third T20I match of the Afghanistan tour of India entered into a thrilling encounter where the India team captain Rohit Sharma scored 121 runs and set the stage for both the teams, the result of which was known after a second super over. India won the super over by 10 runs against Afghanistan. When India was just in need of 2 runs to win the final ball of the final eliminator of the first super over, Rohit Sharma walked out of the field, giving a chance to Rinku Singh. It was not clarified if the situation was a ‘retired out’ or ‘retired hurt’.

Rohit Sharma returned for the second super over, which triggered a major debate in the cricket world. Rohit Sharma returned to the pitch when Jaiswal failed to achieve two runs off the final ball, which called for a tie. The primary question which became a topic of discussion was, whether Rohit Sharma was eligible to return to the field for the second over. 

As per the ground rules that has been set forward by the Indian Cricket Board, any batter who has been dismissed in the previous super over is not eligible to bat in the second super over. The controversy arose as the umpire had not given any clarification if Rohit Sharma was ‘retired out’ or ‘retired hurt’. In case of the decision being a ‘retired out’, Sharma was not eligible to get the opportunity to bat again. 


Creating the partnership was important: Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma expressed that he was overwhelmed to bat again. While speaking to the press during the post-match ceremony, Sharma said, “I don't remember when was the last time this happened. I think I batted 3 times in one of the IPL games.”

He further added, “Creating the partnership was important and we (Rinku and I) kept talking to each other to not lose that intent in big games and it was a good game for us to be in, the pressure was there and was important to bat long and deep and not compromise on the intent we want to show.”

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