Mohammad Shami’s Ex-wife makes absurd statement on his stellar performance in ODI World Cup 2023

In a recent interview, Mohammad Shami's former spouse has made a remarkable statement about his outstanding performance in the 2023 ODI World Cup. The separation followed a turbulent marriage.

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Mohammad Shami-Hasin Jahan (Source: Twitter)

Mohammad Shami-Hasin Jahan (Source: Twitter)

The Cricket World Cup is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious events in the cricketing world. It's a stage where players have the opportunity to showcase their talents on a global scale. Mohammad Shami has managed to turn the tide in his favour during this year's Cricket World Cup. 

While Shami's stellar performance has garnered applause from cricket enthusiasts worldwide, his estranged wife, Hasin Jahan has recently made a controversial statement that has left a bad taste in Mohammad Shami's success story. In an interview with NewsNation, Hasin Jahan, Shami's estranged wife, was asked to share her thoughts on Shami's remarkable success in the ongoing World Cup. Her response was anything but conventional.

Jahan initially expressed that she isn't a fan of cricket and cricketers. However, she went on to say that if Shami's exceptional performances ensure his place in the Indian team and substantial earnings, it would be beneficial for their family's future.

In her own words, she said, "Kuch bhi hai, accha perform kr rha hai, accha khelega, team main bna rhega, achha kamayega toh humara bhavishya secure rhega" (Whatever it is, if he [Shami] is performing well, will stay in the Indian team and earn well, it will secure our future).

 A Glimpse into their marriage

To understand the context of Hasin Jahan's statement, it's essential to revisit her relationship with Mohammed Shami. Jahan and Shami tied the knot on June 6, 2014, in what seemed like a fairytale wedding. The couple was blessed with a daughter in 2015.

Unfortunately, their marriage faced turbulent times. On March 8, 2018, Jahan lodged an FIR against Shami, accusing him of threats, infidelity, and dowry demands. Since 2018, the couple has been living separately. This year, a Kolkata court ordered Shami to pay a monthly alimony of Rs 1,30,000 to his estranged wife in a domestic violence case, further complicating their already strained relationship.

Mohammed Shami's resurgence in the Cricket World Cup is indeed a remarkable tale of determination and skill. Despite personal challenges, Shami has displayed an unwavering commitment to his craft and his team. Shami's incredible performances on the cricket field will continue to be celebrated, even as his personal life takes its own course.

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