'Jaiswal is a dasher all right but...'- Ex England Coach gives advice on how to dismiss Yashasvi Jaiswal

Ex England coach David Lloyd advises the England team on how to dismiss Yashasvi Jaiswal in the Series. Says it is better to play with his ego since there is no apparent weakness.

Sarah Andrew
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Yashasvi Jaiswal and David Lloyd

England and India will be ready to play the 3rd Test match of the series in Rajkot, which will take place tomorrow. With both the teams levelled in the series, it will be interesting to see which team will finally take the lead. There are a lot of things that can happen going forward in this 5-match series, with both sides looking strong. So far, none of the wickets have been the typical rank turners that have made it difficult for the batters to pick the ball in the past. The two games that have happened in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam have been high-scoring games that have gone on for over 4 days.

The England batters may have had their struggles in the last game, but the bowlers seem to be in great form. Tom Hartley, James Anderson and Joe Root have already been amongst the wickets this season. However, the England bowlers have still struggled to contain Yashasvi Jaiswal in the series at all. Jaiswal has easily counter-attacked the England bowlers whenever he got the chance. The 22-year-old southpaw is currently the leading run scorer in the series and will look to dominate further. Jaiswal is one of the toughest batters to bowl not only for his fearless style but also for his great technique that gives him the ability to score all around the ground.

David Lloyd advises the side

David Lloyd was not only a decent player in his days as a player but has been part of the England team as a coach as well. Apart from this, he was also an umpire in first-class cricket as well. He also had some advice to give the England side on how to counter the Jaiswal threat saying, “Jaiswal is a dasher all right but he doesn't have an obvious weakness, so I would be thinking slightly outside the box and rather than bowling the left-arm spinner against him with the new ball, I would be tempted to persevere with the off-spinner, placing temptation in the deep.”

With these words, Lloyd mentioned that there is no certain weakness to Jaiswal’s game and it will be much better for the bowlers to bowl to his ego. This is all the experience from Lloyd, who has immense knowledge of the game. This might be a tactic that Ben Stokes and Co might use. David Lloyd might not be the most legendary figure in the game, but his experience and knowledge are something every cricketer can learn from. Lloyd has been involved in all phases of the game whether it is playing, administration or coaching and his words might be something that the England side will need going into the series.

Yashasvi Jaiswal India vs England David Lloyd