' It is a one-sided story...'- Ravindra Jadeja opens up on allegations by his father in a recent interview

Ravindra Jadeja denies allegations by his father in the recent interview with Divya Bhaskar. Claims this is a one sided story that is tarnishing his wife's image as well.

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Ravindra Jadeja  (Source - X).png

Ravindra Jadeja (Source - X)

In an interview with Divya Bhaskar, Ravindra Jadeja’s father had made some serious allegations regarding his son. The India star all-rounder’s father had said that Jadeja has not been on talking terms with his family and has not followed any cordial traditions. There were even allegations towards his wife and his in-laws as well, saying that she had forced her husband to keep a distance away from his father and his sister Naina Jadeja. These allegations have spread like fire which showcases the toxic nature of one of the most renowned players in the Indian cricket team.

Jadeja is currently recovering from a hamstring injury and is most likely going to be available for the 3rd Test match as well. There is no doubt that Jadeja is one of the most impactful players for the Indian team, where he has given performances with both bat and ball. However, these allegations from one of his closest people are something that has put him and his wife Rivaba Jadeja in a really bad light right now. This might be another dark moment for the number 1 all-rounder in Test cricket where he can’t even trust the people closest to him as well.

Jadeja speaks on the issue

Jadeja straight away posted on X regarding the issue denying the allegations stating “All the things said in the nonsense interview are meaningless and untrue. It is a one-sided story and I completely deny the allegations.” Jadeja ended the statement by saying that this was a scripted interview to tarnish the image of his wife. Jadeja also mentioned that he has a lot to say on these issues, but he prefers not to do it in public at all. We hope that these circumstances get settled before they grow deeper and deeper.

This is one controversy which should never have gotten public at all and will be a problem that all the people will be facing. There is no doubt that Jadeja will always be a popular figure in the cricketing scene, but these toxic situations are not going to help him clear his name at all. The interview has already gone to that level that not only Jadeja, but his wife who is a respected politician will also face a lot of problems as well. The whole cricketing world will be hoping that the situation is taken care of as soon as possible.

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