Indian Cricket Board looking to ensure no Chinese brands to be involved in IPL title sponsorship

Indian Cricket Board making tough conditions for the future IPL title sponsors. Chinese companies and brands might might not be involved due to the tough rules set by the board.

Sarah Andrew
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IPL 2024

With the immense growth of the Indian Premier League(IPL) it’s no surprise that a lot of companies and brands will want to put their money on the line. There have been a lot of IPL sponsors throughout the 16 years where the IPL existed. There are also a lot of companies who will look to put their money on the sponsorship for the IPL 2024 as well. In fact this will be another bidding war after the completion of the auction. But it is the board who has the control at this point and they will also put some conditions on who deserves to be the title sponsor of this tournament. 

In fact, with a lot of conflict with the Chinese, the board has made really tough conditions for the bidders to get in line and put their money on the line.  There have been some companies from China who have been IPL sponsors as well, but seeing the relationship between the two countries right now it looks like some strict and difficult conditions have been made. The conditions put forward by the Indian Cricket Board has made it tough for any Chinese brands to pitch in and bid.

What are the conditions?

While no specific country has been disclosed during these conditions, it will still be surprising for any Chinese brand to come into this bidding war. The first condition is that the company who is bidding should not be incorporated in a jurisdiction or territory where India does not have any friendly relation. This condition itself says a lot seeing that the two countries have not been on the best terms lately. Along with this the board has considered the brands linked to gambling, cryptocurrency, trading, and alcohol products as ineligible as they have a huge market in China.

These are tough steps taken by the board not only to ensure the safety and security of the company who will be sponsoring, but also that no derogatory and negative influenced market is involved as well. This might reduce the amount of bidders, but it is good to see that they are trying not to hurt the sentiments or risk the safety of the people who will be involved in this tournament. Let’s hope that these conditions could lead to a much more exciting tournament which all the fans can witness and cherish at the end.

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