Former two-times T20 World Cup winner banned from all forms of Cricket for breaching anti-corruption code

Marlon Samuels, the former West Indies cricketer has been convicted of violating the anti-corruption code established by the Apex Governing Council. Consequently, he has been handed a six-year ban from all cricketing activities.

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Former West Indies cricketer Marlon Samuels faces a six-year ban from all cricket activities following his involvement in corrupt behavior during the Abu Dhabi T10 in 2019. This ban, imposed by the Apex Governing Council, comes after an independent tribunal found him guilty on four counts related to breaching the anti-corruption code.

Cricket, often known as a gentleman's game, offers immense importance on fair play and integrity. The recent ban on Marlon Samuels underscores the sport's commitment of maintaining these basic principles.

Marlon Samuels, a seasoned cricketer who has close to two decades of international play, had previously faced allegations of committing similar offense 15 years ago. This history adds a layer of complexity to the recent ban.

The ban, effective from November 11, 2023, follows a series of guilty verdicts by an independent tribunal. The charges include accepting favors that brought disrepute to the game, along with concealing crucial information from the investigators.

The Abu Dhabi T10, organized by the Emirates Cricket Board, operates under the Apex Governing Council’s anti-corruption code. The Apex Governing Council conducts investigations into breaches, and in Samuels' case, four significant violations were identified.

The findings pointed towards Samuels' failure to disclose gifts, payments, and hospitality, as well as obstructing the investigation process.


Charges Against Samuels

-          Article 2.4.2, by a majority decision, pertains to failing to disclose gifts or benefits that could bring disrepute to the participant or cricket.

-          Article 2.4.3 involves the failure to disclose hospitality with a value exceeding $750.

-          Articles 2.4.6 and 2.4.7 revolve around non-cooperation and obstruction of the anti-corruption official's investigation, respectively.


The ban's initiation in November 2023 follows Samuel's initial charges in September 2021 and the subsequent verdicts of being guilty in August 2023. Samuels, having retired in November 2020, concludes a career marked by controversies and achievements, including top-scores for West Indies in the 2012 and 2016 T20 World Cup finals.

Alex Marshall, the head of the Apex Governing Council's HR and Integrity Unit, emphasized that even though Samuels is retired, the ban serves as a deterrent, reinforcing the importance of adhering to anti-corruption codes.

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