'England will not...'- Former England skipper makes an unusual remark on the India vs England series

Former England skipper and Ashes hero has made an unusual remark on the England team. Fans are confused whether how to react to this controversial statement mad by him.

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The India vs England series is levelled at 1-1 with the third Test to take place in Rajkot on the 15th of February. Both the teams look really good so far with great talent in their ranks. It was England who came on top in the first game and the Indians made a solid comeback in the 2nd game. The series is still alive and the next three games will be crucial for both sides and it will be interesting to see which team will come out on top in the end. There have been a lot of young and talented players who have performed above everyone’s expectations with Yashasavi Jaiswal and Tom Hartley being the perfect examples.

There have been a lot of experts who have given their views on how this whole series will pan out as well. There were many English experts saying that England will come back and win their 1st series in India after 10 years while there are some Indians who are saying that India will win the next few games and take the series once again. To be fair the England team do not really have the best record in the sub-continent, where they have failed to adapt to the conditions earlier. However, none of the wickets are rank turners with Rajkot, Ranchi and Dharamshala being batting-friendly wickets.

Michael Vaughan’s unusual remark

England's former skipper and ashes hero Michael Vaughan known for making some of the most controversial remarks, has once again come in the limelight. This remark has somehow left everyone confused. Vaughan has gone on to make a statement in his column saying “England will not win the series if they bat the way they did in Visakhapatnam.” He also went on to say that in 20 months England will be a team everyone wants to watch. This has confused the fans as to whether Vaughan is criticising the team or complimenting it.

The statement by Vaughan has still caught the attention of everyone on the internet where everyone is trying to find the context. On one side he has said that the England team is going to lose the series and on the other hand he has said that it is going to be one of the most popular teams that everyone will want to watch in 20 months’ time. We will have to just wait and see how this whole series pans out after a long time. It will still be a series that everyone will want to watch with both sides looking great with the number of talented players they have.

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