England Cricket team set to tour India with their personal chef, check out why

In response to the difficulties some players encounter in adapting to the flavorful Indian cuisine, the ECB has opted to travel with a dedicated chef for the England Cricket Team. The chef will oversee the dietary needs of England players on the tour.

Sarah Andrew
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England, Australia and India are considered to be the powerhouses of Cricket in modern times and therefore these teams are the ones who play the most Test matches throughout the year and most of them among themselves. 

India, who used to tour Australia for mostly four matches, will now play five matches in the upcoming Border-Gavaskar trophy and similarly, England will tour India for a five-match Test series later this month. A five-match Test series is a long affair and can result in mental fatigue if it’s a challenging one. Therefore, a good diet becomes a very important aspect for a player to be in good shape both mentally and physically.

Spicy food will be a challenge for English players

To counter the challenges, some players face in adjusting to the spicy Indian cuisine, the England Cricket Board has decided to accompany a personal chef with the England Cricket Team, who will take care of the diet of the players who are averse to the spicy Indian food.

In the past, we have heard complaints of many Western players not being able to adjust to Indian food and have fallen ill or have gotten a bad stomach. Although these players stay at five-star hotels and have Western cuisine available to them at these hotels, many professional teams prefer to have personal chefs with them who are well aware of the needs of these players.

Teams carrying a personal chef with them is not a new trend among sport teams and many top fooball and rugby teams have followed it in the past. The England Cricket team also carried a personal chef- Omar Meziane on their tour to Pakistan in 2023 who took the responsibility of the team meals and lunches on and off-the ground and he will take the same responsibility in England’s upcoming tour to India as well.

England will start their five-test tour to  India from the first test in Hyderabad from 25 January and are currently having a preparatory camp for the tour in Dubai.        

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