Death of One-Day cricket seems near as Indian Cricket Board plans to introduce T10 league similar to IPL

Cricket News: Indian Cricket Board Secretary is exploring the idea of a Tier-2 T10 cricket league to further boost the sport's popularity. While stakeholders including potential sponsors are enthusiastic, concerns remain regarding its potential impact on 50-over cricket.

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50 overs cricket to die soon

Indian Cricket Board plans to introduce Tier-2 cricket league

Cricket is on the brink of a significant evolution as The Indian Cricket Board is contemplating to create a Tier-2 T-10 cricket league on the lines of the resounding success of the Indian Premier League (IPL). The Indian Cricket Board Secretary, Jay Shah, is leading the formulation of a blueprint for the proposed league.

Sources indicate that the stakeholders, including potential sponsors, are enthusiastically endorsing the concept and recognizing its potential impact in the cricketing landscape. The timeframe which is envisioned for this new cricket league is between September and October 2024.

The introduction of the IPL in 2008 has revolutionized the cricketing world, garnering global attention with its dynamic T20 format. The league not only attracted international talent but also cultivated a dedicated fan base, becoming a revenue juggernaut through sponsorships and broadcasting rights.

This success prompted other nations to emulate the model, contributing to the global appeal of the sport. Acknowledging the role of the shortest version of the game, the BCCI contemplates adopting the T10 format for the Tier-2 cricket league. This strategic move aims to further elevate the sport's popularity in these cities.


Points of contention

The BCCI is currently engrossed in discussions regarding crucial aspects of the proposed league:

a) Format Selection

The Indian Cricket Board is contemplating on the format of the league between T10 and T20. 

b) Player Age Cap

Another point of discussion in the Indian Cricket board revolves around the fact if the league can be an age cap which should be imposed to safeguard the IPL's popularity.

c) Franchise Ownership

The third point of discussion which the Indian Cricket board is analysing is whether the sale of the franchises should be through a tender process and whether the IPL franchise rights should be given the right of first refusal as given in their existing contract.

d) Venue Selection

Indian Cricket Board is yet to decide whether to establish the league should take place at home or at a new venue every year.

As the BCCI navigates the intricacies of introducing this Tier-2 cricket league, cricket fans would start worrying that it could potentially kill the 50 over cricket sooner than it is expected and also change the landscape of cricket from bilateral series to more league cricket now.

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