Aakash Chopra files FIR against shoe-businessman for fraud of 33 lakhs INR

Aakash Chopra files FIR against shoe businessman for fraud of 33 lakhs. Under section 406 of the Indian penal code, the case was registered.

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Aakash Chopra

Aakash Chopra (Source: Twitter)

Aakash Chopra has filed a case against a shoe businessman for a fraud case against him. The former Indian cricketer reportedly filed a case against the person named Kamlesh Parikh and Dhruv Parikh, the father-son duo, who tricked Chopra into investing INR 33 lakhs into a sports shoe business. Following the fraud, Chopra registered an FIR regarding the same.

Under section 406 of the Indian penal code, the case was registered by the former Indian cricketer. The reports suggested that Kamlesh worked as a manager in the Hyderabad Cricket Association in the past. The FIR which was registered in Hariparwat police station suggested that Kamlesh's son had received INR 57.8 lakhs from the former Indian cricketer to invest in their sports shoe business. 

The statement of Chopra in the FIR read, "We entered into a formally notarized agreement which stipulated that Dhruv was to return the money within 30 days with a 20% profit, and post-dated cheques were provided for recovery. However, a year later, only Rs 24.5 lakh has been returned, and two issued cheques were dishonoured." Chopra stated that the full amount was not refunded to him.

Not the first instance of a case against the Parikh family

The report further read that there was a conversation between Chopra and Kamlesh regarding settling the issue. As the father-son duo did not respond to Chopra, he had to take legal action against them. SHO Arvind Kumar, the investigating officer, said that the evidence provided to them is being examined. Arvind said that further action would be taken after going through the process of investigation and questioning. 

Interestingly, this is not the first instance of a case being registered on the Parikh family. In the past, Deepak Chahar's father had also registered a complaint against the Parikh family. In February earlier this year, Chahar's family had reported cheating from the father-son duo of Parikh in some business. Jaya Bharadwaj, the wife of Deepak Chahar, had alleged a fraud of INR 10 lakhs by the Parikh family regarding a business venture. 

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