75,000 cash and precious jewellery stolen from Yuvraj Singh’s mother’s house in Panchkula

In a recent incident, Yuvraj Singh's mother filed a complaint of theft at her Chandigarh house where cash worth 75,000 and some precious jewellery had been stolen. She has placed her suspicion on her house aides.

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Yuvraj Singh and his mother (Source: X)

In recent news, theft incidents involving celebrities have garnered significant attention. The recent addition to the list is former Indian batter Yuvraj Singh who encountered an incident of theft at his Chandigarh household. It all came to light when Shabnam Singh, his mother, disclosed the disappearance of INR 75,000 in cash and a collection of precious jewelry from their MDC Sector 4 Panchkula residence. 

Yuvraj Singh's mother has placed her suspicion on the house aid Lalita Devi from Saketdi, and the cook, Sildar Pal from Bihar who were there in the house in her house. Yuvraj's mother has been living in her Gurgaon house since September 2023 and when she came back to Panchuka she found 75,000 in cash and some precious jewellery missing from the house.

Shabhman Singh made efforts to find out the missing items from her side but all in vain and her suspicion of the household increased when they suddenly left the job and disappeared during Diwali. Shabnam Singh's suspicions led to the involvement of the authorities, resulting in an official case registration and an intensified investigation. 

A complaint was filed under Section 381 of the Indian Penal Code, which pertains to theft by a clerk or servant of property in possession of their master, at the Mansa Devi Complex on February 15. As of now, no arrests have been conducted.

Increased cases of robbery among celebrities

SHO Dharampal Singh of Mansa Devi who is handling the case, kept herself from disclosing further details related to the case and it may hamper the proceedings but such incidents at the residences of such prominent Indian personalities increase the concern of common people regarding their safety.

Coincidentally, a similar incident unfolded involving former India captain Sourav Ganguly, who filed a complaint at the Thakurpukur police station regarding theft from his residence. Ganguly expressed concern over the loss of his phone containing personal information, prompting authorities to take preventive measures against potential misuse.

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