'Athletes are humans' - Vinesh Phogat hits back at critics post World Championships failure

Vinesh Phogat has addressed the critics on her social media account and slammed them saying that athletes are not robots.

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Vinesh Phogat

Vinesh Phogat (Source: Twitter)

Vinesh Phogat Vinesh Phogat (Source: Twitter)

Vinesh Phogat, India’s star wrestler has opened up after facing a lot of criticism on social media. The wrestler failed at the World Championships and faced severe criticisms for the same. Having faced a lot of them, the Indian star hit back at those who spread negativity and said that athletes are not robots.

Further addressing the same, the star took it to social media to encourage her fellow athletes to keep working hard so that the criticisms come to an end. The 28-year-old said in her statement that critics consider themselves to be specialists in careers when they are not.

“I hope everyone will be more responsible about their words.. Focus on what your athletes are doing well! People need to have a better perspective and stop the constant criticism in Indian sports,” Phogat captioned her post on social media.

"Athletes are humans and while being an athlete is a huge part of who we are, it doesn't mean we work like robots every time a tournament is announced. Not sure if this culture is in every country or this is just India where we have so many experts sitting at home," the 28-year-old said in her statement.

It is very easy to comment: Vinesh Phogat

Further commenting on the criticisms, the youngster said that people must stop hurting the sentiments of the athletes and let them focus on their games. She highlighted the importance of backing an athlete when they lose and said that a loss does not undermine the efforts put in by them.

"A win always does not mean that an athlete has done anything extra extraordinary and a loss does not mean that the athlete has not tried during that game. Winning and losing is a part of every athlete's journey and the athletes try hard each time," she said further in her post.

"It is very easy to comment on these things because for them it's just one day of their life after watching a match, what they don't realise is these things can seriously drag along and affect the athletes state, their mood, especially in difficult times," she added further.

The 28-year-old went on to encourage her fellow athletes and said that they must not give up until the critics stop. She further hoped to change the atmosphere with sheer dedication and backed her colleagues to coordinate with her.

"My dear athletes, we are all on the same page and have similar journeys. Hopefully, someday we will try to change this culture with our consistent efforts, courage and dedication," she concluded.