3 Pakistan born players who represented India in international cricket

Gul Mohammad, Amir Elahi and Abdul Hafeez Kardar were the three players who played for India but also played for Pakistan.

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3 Pakistan born players who represented India in international cricket

3 Pakistan born players who represented India in international cricket (Image Source: Twitter)

India - Pakistan rivalry is one of the most loved and anticipated rivalries of all time. Pakistan created history by marking their first ever win against India in a World Cup match, in 20-20 World Cup 2021 last year. The battle is a mixture of passion and emotion as the partition happened not so long ago. However, since then, the two nations have locked horns on numerous occasions and both teams share equal weightage when it comes to wins.

The arch-rivals will once again face off each other on August 28 in the Asia Cup 2022. Fans would have least wondered about a player who was born in Pakistan and played for India. But history has it that there are indeed players who did the same. In this listicle, we have three players who were born in Pakistan but played for India:

1) Abdul Hafeez Kardar:

Abdul Hafeez Kardar Abdul Hafeez Kardar (Image Source: Twitter)

Born in Lahore, Punjab, Kardar made his debut for India and was one of the first generation players to represent India in tests. He played three tests for India and then went to represent Pakistan cricket post partition. He made his debut for India on 22 June 1946 against England.

The former cricketer was made the captain of the Pakistan national team in the year 1952. He is said to be a short-tempered person with a great vision for the Pakistan team. He bid adieu to international cricket in the year 1958.

2) Gul Mohammad:

Gul Mohammad Gul Mohammad (Image Source: Twitter)

Born on 15th October 1921, in Lahore, Gul Mohammad went on to represent India in test cricket. He even toured England and Australia representing the Indian nation but failed to succeed. In fact, he even played against Pakistan in 1952/53 series.

The southpaw took Pakistan citizenship in the year 1955 and then played one test for Pakistan against Australia in 1956/57. His debut match for Pakistan was also his last international test match as he played only nine test matches in his entire career.

3) Amir Elahi:

Amir Elahi Amir Elahi (Image Source: Twitter)

Amir Elahi was born on September 1, 1908, in Lahore. The right-hander made his debut for India against Australia on 12 December 1947. He took Pakistan citizenship in the year 1950 and then went on to play for Pakistan. He was pretty impressive for the country of his birth as he represented them in five matches.

His highest test score of 47 came against India in Madras. He joined hands with Zulfiqar Ahmed to put on a partnership of 104 runs for the last wicket in the same match.


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